New Roots is a youth program centered around the empowerment of community to support heritage, culture, ecology, and sustainability. The creative arts--- dancing, painting, poetry, performance, and music   ---are the languages we use to teach and express these themes. We integrate new learning into holistic understanding that is felt in the heart as much as it is comprehended by the mind. 

Each creative arts project that we embark on together provides a wealth of teaching opportunities -- from literacy development to our collective human story, from local ecology to our global interdependence -- as well as opportunities for personal growth. By the time we are ready to share our creation with the community, our students have developed a deeper understanding of who they are. They have embarked on the path to discovering their vision, their voice, and their inner strength.

Running workshops since 2013, New Roots is based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and works in a village that is rich in culture and impoverished financially. New Roots hopes to instill a sense of pride in the youth so that they care for their natural resources, learn from their elders, and continue to evolve into cultural and environmental leaders in their community.